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The Relief Shop Medical Supplies now has a NEW category on MRSA, staph infections and pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores.

Their information resources on MRSA and staph infections are from the experienced Microbiologist and alternative health researcher Michelle Moore. She answers such questions as “What is staph infection, what is mrsa, how do you get these infections, what are the symptoms, and what do you do about them”. She also tells how NOT to get staph and MRSA.

Pressure ulcers and bed sores have been shown to be healed and prevented with a new cream called CleaDerma DCB. The Relief Shop shows a video of a doctor’s testimonial. It is a little graphic as it shows the before and after images of a large, long-term ulcer and how to apply the cream. The main thing to observe is the healing process that has occurred.

The Relief Shop Medical Supplies infection support products offer comprehensive, broad-range support and treatment for challenging staph infections, MRSA infections, and pressure ulcers.


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Prevent and heal pressure ulcers with CleaDerma DCB at www.TheReliefShop.comPressure ulcers can be a thing of the past? That is what Spider Pharm is saying with the development of CleaDerma DCB skin treatment system. Pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, decubitus ulcers, pressure sores and pressure wounds, occur when skin breaks down due to the constant pressure of sitting or lying in one position for a long period of time.

CleaDerma DCB is an all natural ointment that has been shown to prevent pressure ulcers by helping the skin to acquire the necessary moisture and nourishment it lacks when constant pressure has been applied. Besides preventing pressure ulcers, CleaDerma DCB has also been shown to heal pressure ulcers in Stages I through Stage III.

There are four stages to a pressure ulcer or bed sore. Stage I starts when constant pressure cuts off blood supply to the underlying skin, fat and muscle. A red spot develops that does not blanch or turn white when pressed. Stage II starts if pressure is continued. Skin cells begin to die and blisters and/or sores develop. In Stage III, the skin begins to peel and in Stage IV, secretions of the skin eat into the flesh creating a cavity. A pressure ulcer can become so deep that there is damage to the muscle, bone, tendons and joint.

In the following video, Dr. Alla Blumin demonstrating how CleaDerma DCB is successfully healing a long-term diabetic ulcer. Warning: the ulcer is shown and how the doctor applies the ointment. Before and after images are also shown.

CleaDerma DCB is available at TheReliefShop.com Medical Supplies.

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Arthritis, in all its forms, causes pain and discomfort.  The Relief Shop is dedicated to help those with arthritis and joint pain by carrying quality and reliable products that can make your life more comfortable.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis and occurs when the cartilage that covers the end of the joints wears away.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis) –

  • Your joints may feel tender, ache, burn and/or have sharp shooting pains in them. The pain may be constant or intermittent.
  • You may have swelling in your joints.  The cartilage of your joints acts as a cushion but as it wears away, tissues in the area become irritated causing pain and sometimes producing fluid that swells the joint.
  • You may experience stiffness, especially in the morning or after sitting for a while.
  • You may experience joint deformities from bone spurs.  A bone spur on the end joint of the finger is called a Heberden’s node.  A bone spur of the middle joint of the finger is called a Bouchard’s node. These nodes may not be painful but they can limit one’s range of motion.
  • You may not be able to fully flex, bend or extend an arthritic joint.
  • The muscles around an arthritic joint can get weak.
  • You may feel and/or hear creaking and grating in the joint.

The good news isShop The Relief Shop for all your home medical supplies needs.

  • It is not unusual for those with osteoarthritis to have years of pain-free intervals between symptoms.
  • Stiffness usually improves with mild activity.
  • The Relief Shop carries a whole section of products to help those with arthritis and joint pain.

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