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Check out our new categories of “Rolling Walkers – Rollators” and “Canes & Walking Sticks”. We’ve also added specialty gloves for those with arthritis or repetitive motion injuries:

Shop The Relief Shop for rolling walkers - rollatorsRolling Walkers – Rollators: Discover the NEW Carex Roller Walker, Invacare Four Wheel Rollator, Nova Cruiser Classic Rolling Walker and the Nova Cruiser Deluxe Rolling Walker.

Canes & Walking Sticks: Shop for Carex “Xtra” Offset Walking Canes with a 500 lb. weight capacity, Nova Ortho-Med aluminum walking canes with curved handles, Nova Ortho-Med aluminum walking canes with derby handles and Nova Ortho-Med aluminum folding walking canes with derby handles.

Arthritis Pain Relieve & Aids: Find Thermoskin Gloves for arthritis and repetitive motion, and Bionic leather driving gloves for men and Find Thermoskin gloves at The Relief Shop.women.

A Bit of Trivia for the day:

How many miles of blood vessels does the human body have?

Answer at the end of the article.

Shop The Relief Shop for all your medical supply needs.As always, Shop The Relief Shop for home medical supplies, durable medical equipment, disability aids, assistive devices,  joint pain and arthritis aids, pain relief products and so much more.

Answer: Approximately 62,000 miles — WOW!


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