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Buy your Far Infrared Healing Pad at The Relief Shop Medical SuppliesWhen we talk about a far infrared heating pad it is the Far Infrared Instant Calmer Healing Pad we are discussing. This unique infrared heating pad features far infrared heat PLUS deep heat penetrating jade stones PLUS an antibacterial, patented material which produces beneficial negative ions.

The Jade stones absorb far infrared heat. This combination of heated jade and far infrared heat penetrates 200-300 times deeper into the body and produces no electromagnetic radiation that other heating pads produce. Its therapeutic effects also last 1.5 times longer than conventional pads.

The Instant Calmer produces negative ions. Positively charged ions are free radicals that weaken the body’s cells so you get sick and age faster. Negatively charged ions have been shown to relieve stress, strengthen the function of autonomic nerves, reinforce collagen, improve metabolism, and strengthen the body’s immune system.

Infrared heat has been found to decrease joint stiffness, relieve pain, relieve muscle spasms, increase blood flow, and increase the extensibility of collagen tissues which becomes important when working with low-force stretching and range of motion exercises.

A regular heating pad does not penetrate as deeply into the body as the Instant Calmer does. Regular heating pads produce electromagnetic radiation and the Instant Calmer does not. Regular heating pads do not produce beneficial negative ions but the Instant Calmer does, and regular heating pads therapeutic effects do not last as long as the Far Infrared Instant Calmer Healing Pad. Now, which heating pad would you rather have?!

The Far Infrared Instant Calmer Healing Pad is available in two sizes at www.TheReliefShop.com Medical Supplies: Small Healing Pad (14”x20”) and Medium Healing Pad (21”x30”).


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There doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference between assistive devices and assistive technology. In fact, assistive devices have been placed as a category of assistive technology but most people interchange the terms. Both describe implements and equipment that have been designed or adapted to replace, increase or maintain an individual’s ability to perform a task or activity.

Assistive technology products involve five areas. The first is personal emergency response systems like thermometers for hypothermia risk, fall detectors and unlit gas sensors.  The second area is computer input with ergonomic computer accessories, speech recognition, sip-and-puff, and eye-trackers; all of which allow a user to input data into a computer.

Shop The Relief Shop for wheelchairs and wheelchair accessoriesThe third area is durable medical equipment. This is the area that The Relief Shop has a  focus on with products like mobility aids (canes, wheelchairs, rollators, ramps), bedroom aids (dressing aids, bed rails, reachers), bathroom aids (tub grab bars, shower chairs, raised toilet seats), eating aids (UBend-It utensils), low vision aids (talking calculators, magnifiers) and general independent living aids.

The fourth assistive technology area includes software and tools for learning difficulties. The other areas cover visual impairment, augmentative and alternative communication, deafness and hearing loss, and a category for “others”.

Some feel that assistive technology is more advanced than mere assistive devices. An example of assistive technology would be the technology behind allowing an individual to move the mouse on his computer by eye-tracking versus an assistive device such as a shower chair.

What do you think? Is assistive technology more advanced? Should the categories be thought of as the same?

The Relief Shop - Your one-stop medical supply shopShop The Relief Shop for home medical supplies, durable medical equipment, disability aids, assistive devices and independent living aids, joint and arthritis pain relief products and aids, incontinence, mobility aids, low vision aids, sleep aids, massage products, light therapy, pain relief products and so much more.

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Assistive devices, for the disabled or injured, are implements and equipment that have been designed or adapted to replace, increase or maintain an individuals ability to perform a task or activity. Without the device, the individual would have a hard time or might not be able to do a task at all.

Assistive devices are available for those who need help with mobility, hearing, seeing, communicating, getting dressed and eating.

Mobility aids at The Relief Shop include canes, rollators, wheelchairs, the car caddie helping hand, wheelchair ramps and accessories, grab bars and more.

For those with low vision, The Relief Shop offers big button and talking calculators, magnifiers and big button phones with  ringer lights.

Find quality and reliable assistive device brands for the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen such as Carex shower chairs and bathtub grab bars, Arc Mate reachers, Maddak bed rails and button aids, UBend-It utensils and so much more.

Looking for a special device? Call us toll-free at 877-683-9863 and we’ll see if we can supply it for you at the best possible price.

Shop The Relief Shop, your one-stop home medical supply shop. You’ll find caring customer service, an easy shopping experience and a growing product line. Check us out at http://www.thereliefshop.com

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