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Looking for a reacher, paraffin wax, a large button phone, a magnifier and something to help you get in and out of a vehicle with ease? Look no further!  Check these out at The Relief Shop:

  • Our new Arc Mate E-Z Lok Reacher comes in 20″ or 30″ lengths, opens to 4.5″ and can hold up to 5 lbs.
  • Antibacterial paraffin wax, 6 lbs., for your paraffin bath.
  • Low vision aid: Big button speaker phone with a ringer light. This phone has too many features to pin-point so check it out by its link.
  • Car Caddie Helping Hand Assistive Device – helps you get in and out of your car with ease.
  • Full page magnifier – a 7″x10″, flat, 2x power page magnifier that enlarges the print of newspaper, maps, directories, …

Shop The Relief Shop, your one-stop home medical supply shop. You’ll find caring customer service, an easy shopping experience and a growing product line — products are added daily. Check us out at http://www.thereliefshop.com


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