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The Relief Shop Medical Supplies now has a NEW category on MRSA, staph infections and pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores.

Their information resources on MRSA and staph infections are from the experienced Microbiologist and alternative health researcher Michelle Moore. She answers such questions as “What is staph infection, what is mrsa, how do you get these infections, what are the symptoms, and what do you do about them”. She also tells how NOT to get staph and MRSA.

Pressure ulcers and bed sores have been shown to be healed and prevented with a new cream called CleaDerma DCB. The Relief Shop shows a video of a doctor’s testimonial. It is a little graphic as it shows the before and after images of a large, long-term ulcer and how to apply the cream. The main thing to observe is the healing process that has occurred.

The Relief Shop Medical Supplies infection support products offer comprehensive, broad-range support and treatment for challenging staph infections, MRSA infections, and pressure ulcers.


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