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Buy your Far Infrared Healing Pad at The Relief Shop Medical SuppliesWhen we talk about a far infrared heating pad it is the Far Infrared Instant Calmer Healing Pad we are discussing. This unique infrared heating pad features far infrared heat PLUS deep heat penetrating jade stones PLUS an antibacterial, patented material which produces beneficial negative ions.

The Jade stones absorb far infrared heat. This combination of heated jade and far infrared heat penetrates 200-300 times deeper into the body and produces no electromagnetic radiation that other heating pads produce. Its therapeutic effects also last 1.5 times longer than conventional pads.

The Instant Calmer produces negative ions. Positively charged ions are free radicals that weaken the body’s cells so you get sick and age faster. Negatively charged ions have been shown to relieve stress, strengthen the function of autonomic nerves, reinforce collagen, improve metabolism, and strengthen the body’s immune system.

Infrared heat has been found to decrease joint stiffness, relieve pain, relieve muscle spasms, increase blood flow, and increase the extensibility of collagen tissues which becomes important when working with low-force stretching and range of motion exercises.

A regular heating pad does not penetrate as deeply into the body as the Instant Calmer does. Regular heating pads produce electromagnetic radiation and the Instant Calmer does not. Regular heating pads do not produce beneficial negative ions but the Instant Calmer does, and regular heating pads therapeutic effects do not last as long as the Far Infrared Instant Calmer Healing Pad. Now, which heating pad would you rather have?!

The Far Infrared Instant Calmer Healing Pad is available in two sizes at www.TheReliefShop.com Medical Supplies: Small Healing Pad (14”x20”) and Medium Healing Pad (21”x30”).


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The Relief Shop Medical Supplies now has a NEW category on MRSA, staph infections and pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores.

Their information resources on MRSA and staph infections are from the experienced Microbiologist and alternative health researcher Michelle Moore. She answers such questions as “What is staph infection, what is mrsa, how do you get these infections, what are the symptoms, and what do you do about them”. She also tells how NOT to get staph and MRSA.

Pressure ulcers and bed sores have been shown to be healed and prevented with a new cream called CleaDerma DCB. The Relief Shop shows a video of a doctor’s testimonial. It is a little graphic as it shows the before and after images of a large, long-term ulcer and how to apply the cream. The main thing to observe is the healing process that has occurred.

The Relief Shop Medical Supplies infection support products offer comprehensive, broad-range support and treatment for challenging staph infections, MRSA infections, and pressure ulcers.

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Prevent and heal pressure ulcers with CleaDerma DCB at www.TheReliefShop.comPressure ulcers can be a thing of the past? That is what Spider Pharm is saying with the development of CleaDerma DCB skin treatment system. Pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, decubitus ulcers, pressure sores and pressure wounds, occur when skin breaks down due to the constant pressure of sitting or lying in one position for a long period of time.

CleaDerma DCB is an all natural ointment that has been shown to prevent pressure ulcers by helping the skin to acquire the necessary moisture and nourishment it lacks when constant pressure has been applied. Besides preventing pressure ulcers, CleaDerma DCB has also been shown to heal pressure ulcers in Stages I through Stage III.

There are four stages to a pressure ulcer or bed sore. Stage I starts when constant pressure cuts off blood supply to the underlying skin, fat and muscle. A red spot develops that does not blanch or turn white when pressed. Stage II starts if pressure is continued. Skin cells begin to die and blisters and/or sores develop. In Stage III, the skin begins to peel and in Stage IV, secretions of the skin eat into the flesh creating a cavity. A pressure ulcer can become so deep that there is damage to the muscle, bone, tendons and joint.

In the following video, Dr. Alla Blumin demonstrating how CleaDerma DCB is successfully healing a long-term diabetic ulcer. Warning: the ulcer is shown and how the doctor applies the ointment. Before and after images are also shown.

CleaDerma DCB is available at TheReliefShop.com Medical Supplies.

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Check out our new categories of “Rolling Walkers – Rollators” and “Canes & Walking Sticks”. We’ve also added specialty gloves for those with arthritis or repetitive motion injuries:

Shop The Relief Shop for rolling walkers - rollatorsRolling Walkers – Rollators: Discover the NEW Carex Roller Walker, Invacare Four Wheel Rollator, Nova Cruiser Classic Rolling Walker and the Nova Cruiser Deluxe Rolling Walker.

Canes & Walking Sticks: Shop for Carex “Xtra” Offset Walking Canes with a 500 lb. weight capacity, Nova Ortho-Med aluminum walking canes with curved handles, Nova Ortho-Med aluminum walking canes with derby handles and Nova Ortho-Med aluminum folding walking canes with derby handles.

Arthritis Pain Relieve & Aids: Find Thermoskin Gloves for arthritis and repetitive motion, and Bionic leather driving gloves for men and Find Thermoskin gloves at The Relief Shop.women.

A Bit of Trivia for the day:

How many miles of blood vessels does the human body have?

Answer at the end of the article.

Shop The Relief Shop for all your medical supply needs.As always, Shop The Relief Shop for home medical supplies, durable medical equipment, disability aids, assistive devices,  joint pain and arthritis aids, pain relief products and so much more.

Answer: Approximately 62,000 miles — WOW!

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Accu-Chek Aviva Blood Glucose Care Kit

The Relief Shop now offers Diabetic Supplies with glucose meters, diabetic testing strips and diabetic socks. In the next couple of days we will also include diabetic syringes.

Within the Glucose Meters category you’ll find the Accu-Chek Aviva Care Kit, complete with a blood glucose meter, a Multiclix lancing device and test strips. The ACCU-CHEK Aviva test strips and Multiclix lancing device are part of the first complete diabetic system to receive the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-Of-Use Commendation.

Under Diabetic Socks, discover TheraSock Comfort System Lite and TheraSock Wide diabetic socks. TheraSock Diabetic Footwear utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and fibers to create socks that protect at-risk feet. With sizes to fit swollen ankles, these diabetic socks provide the first line of protection – the one closest to the skin.

Core Product's CPAP PillowAnother new product arrival for The Relief Shop is Core Product’s CPAP Pillow. It’s available in 3 heights and also comes in a perfect travel size, the Mini CPAP Pillow.

We are also celebrating the release of our Facebook company page!  So, check it out and  BECOME A FAN.  Met our mascots, see gorgeous photos of our area, read mini reports on new products, follow special deals and see what abundant creativity we can come up with —

The Relief Shop - Home Medical SuppliesAs always, Shop The Relief Shop for home medical supplies, durable medical equipment, disability aids, assistive devices,  joint pain and arthritis aids, pain relief products and so much more.

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Wow!  We’ve added quite a few products to The Relief Shop recently and many thanks to those who made product requests. There are so many new arrivals I’ll list them by categories:

Mobility Aids

Drive Cruiser III Lightweight K3 Wheelchair – A lightweight, carbon steel wheelchair weighing under 36 lbs, without rigging. Available in 3 seat widths with many options each to choose from.

Drive Sentra Heavy-Duty, Extra-Wide wheelchair – This wheelchair can carry up to 700 lbs. and has heavy duty construction throughout. Choose from 3 seat widths, with or without leg riggings, and detachable desk or full arms.

Bucketseat Sitback Rest is a backrest, back support shaped to fit snugly against bucket car seats to maximize comfort and provide lumbar support while driving.

Core Product’s NEW Mesh Sitback Rest is a great back support that conforms to the body for uniform support. Made of a mesh material, it keeps you cool and comfortable.

Independent Living Aids (with some Arthritis Aids thrown in) –

Talking Big Button Calculator – This calculator is perfect for the handicapped as it offers a large 8 digit LCD readout, numbers that are 5/8″ high and the talking feature has a built-in volume control.

UBend-It Spoon – This spoon is an eating aid for people with upper extremity weakness or reduced range of motion. Our spoon has a twist in the shaft that allows it to be easily hand-bent to either side.

Security Pole with Curved Grab Bar – This security pole is a assistive device that can help you stand up or sit down. It is tension mounted floor to ceiling and has a pivoting curved grab bar that locks in place every 45 degrees.

Carex Raised Toilet Seat – Our molded, unbreakable, white polyethylene, raised toilet seat raises you 5.25” inches, has a comfortable contour seat and convenient handgrips.

Incontinence Products

Lady Dignity Panty and Sir Dignity Brief for adult incontinence – Both of these briefs are washable, poly-cotton and have a patented ‘Stretch-lock’ pouch that holds an absorbent pad or liner securely in place.

Dignity Plus Super Absorbent Liners –  These incontinence pads provide users with moderate to heavy incontinence protection. They absorb up to 9 oz., have a wide adhesive strip and can be used in both the Lady Dignity Panty, Sir Dignity Brief or your own undergarments.

Dignity Premium Disposable Underwear – These cloth-like feel, disposable underwear fit both men and women and are for moderate to heavy adult incontinence. They have a stretchy panel with pull-open sides and feel like regular underwear.

Massage Products

Free-Up Massage Cream – This massage cream was created by a physical therapist to meet the needs of professional massage therapists for surface or deep tissue massage. It costs less than 50 cents for a full body massage to use because of its slow absorption rate.

Myossage Lotion and Ultra-Myossage Lotion – A superior massage lotion as it does not get tacky allowing for a smooth massage. Ultra-Myossage has Aloe Vera added.

The Relief Shop – Home medical supplies, disability aids, assistive devices and independent living aids, durable medical equipment and pain relief products.

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More awesome new products are now available at The Relief Shop.  Shop at your one-stop home medical supply shop for:

  • Invacare Rollator – This rolling walker offers the perfect blend of style, comfort and affordability. It comes with easy-to-operate hand brakes, a seat, and is easy to fold for transport.
  • Day-Light light therapy – Is clinically proven and is now completely affordable. Its use can help alleviate symptoms of Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
  • Jeanie Rub Body Massager – The industry standard in professional body massagers is now available for home use.
  • Hair Dryer Holder – This hands-free hair dryer holder sits on a table top and is designed for ease of use.
  • Maddak Bed Rail with Magazine Rack – Our bed rail makes getting in and out of bed easy and is equipped with a convenient and spacious magazine pocket.
  • Carex Shower Chair – Our durable and adjustable shower chair is compact yet supports up to 400 lbs.

Shop The Relief Shop for home medical supplies, durable medical equipment, disability and independent living aids, and pain relief products.

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