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The Relief Shop announces two product reviews from one happy customer!  The product reviewed is Ultra-Myossage Lotion. The health conditions the product helped are arthritis and plantar fasciitis. Here is what this satisfied customer has to say:

Review I – Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

“Three years ago, I developed Plantar Fasciitis , which is a painful inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. Most of the time, my feet were so painful I could hardly walk and getting up from a sitting position was excruciating.

I took therapy, shots, did all types of foot exercises, and nothing seemed to help. About six months ago, I discovered and bought Ultra –Myossage Lotion (with Aloe Vera) from The Relief Shop website and started massaging my feet with it once each day.

This product has been a huge help to me and a fantastic relief for my feet. It is a smooth lotion that absorbs well and does not get tacky! After I massage it into my feet, I can walk on the carpet or floor and don’t have to worry about grease residue.

Also, my once rough heels and feet are now smooth and supple, and the pain has been reduced 95%. Oh what a joy to walk again without pain!”

Review II – Ultra-Myossage and Arthritis Pain Relief

“I’ve been using Ultra-Myossage Lotion for the last few months for Plantar Faciiatis in my feet. It has done such a great job, that when the arthritis pain in my finger and wrist joints flared up I thought I would try the product on my joints as well.

I was so pleased when, in just a couple of days of deep massaging it into my finger and wrist joints, the pain had subsided and was barely noticeable. Yeah Ultra -Myossage lotion! I am ordering it by the gallon now.”

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